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About the Traffic Safety Board

Oswego County Traffic Safety Board Members:

Executive Board Members:


Chairperson: Margaret Beers- Menter Ambulance

Vice Chairperson: Cpt. Paul Conzone, Oswego Fire


Executive Secretary: Diane Oldenburg, Oswego County Health Department

Secretary: SGT. Brent Fosco, New York State Police -Zone 3


Board Members:


   Lt. Damien Waters, Oswego Police Department

   Chris Sharkey, Oswego City School District Transportation Department (retired)

   Officer Scott Bullard, SUNY Oswego Police


   Michele Newcomb- Menter Ambulance

   Lt. Charles Burlingham- Fulton Police

   Deputy Rob Ramsey-  Oswego County Sheriff Dept.


Ex Officio Members:

Chief Cady, Oswego Police Department

Chief Westbrook, Fulton City Police Department

Sheriff Don Hilton, Oswego County Sheriff Department

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